Do you know that there are various types of mattresses on the market and not all of them are suitable for you?

Do you know that finding and choosing the right mattress for you is a fundamental operation for your health and the quality of your life?

And do you know that we are usually all used to spending a lot more money on treating problems related to muscle pain, posture or insomnia rather than preventing these problems and then investing in our well-being?

If the answer is no to at least one of these questions, we were in you we would continue to read. If the answer is yes to at least one, go on to deepen the others. If you answered yes to all three, good for you: we hope that you really have peaceful dreams, which is the dream of many.

How many types of mattress are there today?

On the market, you can find spring, wool, viscoelastic, latex and memory mattresses.

What are the differences?

The spring mattresses are those of the past, which we all have in the attic and on which our grandparents have slept for years, before giving them to us “gently” as an inheritance. Although it may seem tempting to save on a new purchase for your home, it should be noted that these mattresses do not really meet the needs of those in need and want to sleep quiet nights.

In fact, the spring mattresses do not adopt the spring system based on the weight of the person lying on it. They house mites and can cut themselves at the points where the body presses more strongly. Furthermore, as you know, electromagnetic waves can find in the iron of springs an excellent conductor, right below you.

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Those of us to sleep in wool Better we would not even have to mention them a few years from now: comfort is not found in a mattress that after 6 months is already felted and hard, obviously full of mites. Should we add anything else?

And if you have the misfortune of having a latex mattress in your bedroom, many good wishes: sorry to tell you but, as you may have already noticed, you are a “slave” to a mattress that constantly needs maintenance which is heavy as well as composed of rubber and therefore not able to absorb sweat.