If you do not want to breed woolly mice under your bed, you will need to clean the floor there regularly. How do you get under the bed? Definitely better if the bed has higher feet or can simply be pushed aside. So you can clean with the vacuum cleaner or the cloth under the bed comfortably. Incidentally, it increases the quality of sleep (especially that of allergy sufferers), if not quite as much dust in the bedroom flies around. Here, too, we speak of comfort when cleaning under the bed is no match for a sporting challenge.

Do you regularly change your sheets?

Let’s just assume! But even this task is not always easy to manage. For little people or not so strong, changing the fitted sheets is an exertion. An electric slatted frame also helps here. Raise the head and foot sections, stretch the sheets over the mattresses and lower the frame. It is hardly more comfortable.

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Manually adjustable slatted frames are total nonsense!

Seriously, do you still have manually adjustable slatted frames? Why? Imagine the following situation: You are lying in bed and working with your tablet. Your bed neighbor has long fallen asleep and your eyes are closed too. But now you have to get out of bed, pull the slatted frame all the way up (to release the mechanics) and bring it down. Since this is not going on silently, your bed neighbor is awake again. They have a show of strength behind them, which makes the body more awake again. Great right?

Or a second example: If you are sick for a long time in bed, the manual settings are really uncomfortable. There is no knee-angle adjustment and a sensible sitting-lying position is also impossible.

Stay away from manually adjustable frames. Either spend a little more money on your comfort – and with it an electric slatted frame – or use an invisible frame.