With the following tips, you can find your well-deserved sleep even in the heat and can start the day in a relaxed manner.

1. Ensure a comfortable room temperature:

For pleasantly cool room temperature, make the most important arrangements in the morning. Ventilate as early as possible to let in cool, fresh air before the midday heat. Then close the windows as much as possible and darken them. Thus, heat gets much worse in the room and the room heats up less. A great side effect: Even mosquitoes and similar insects stay away. The room temperature is also lowered by hanging a wet towel in front of the window. The evaporation cold counteracts the heat. On open windows, running air conditioning or fans in the bedroom but you should rather do without at night. Drafts can cause tension and even a cold. Read Bestmattress-brand to avoid mattress stores andexploregreat opportunities online.

2. The right diet:

Even with the right nutrition you avoid sweating during sleep. You can also prepare yourself for the night’s sleep by consuming as few carbohydrates and fats as possible two to three hours before. The consumption of caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine should be avoided in the evening. A true anti-sweat agent is a sage. A delicious herbal tea with sage in the evening helps to limit sweating in the summer.

3. Support the body when cooling down:

You can also keep your body cool during sleep by putting a damp washcloth on your forehead or a hot water bottle filled with cold water, preferably between your legs. You can also place a bucket or bowl of cold water next to the bed and dip your hands or legs in it. Refreshment is guaranteed to be guaranteed by placing sheets and pajamas in the freezer just before bed. However, you should be cautious about these ideas. Those who overdo it can also cool their bodies quickly.

4. Lukewarm shower:

In the evening you should do without the refreshing cold shower. Although it brings a short kick of freshness, it activates the body and prepares him so little to fall asleep. We recommend a lukewarm water temperature. A lukewarm shower expands the vessels and pores of the skin and promotes the dissipation of heat.